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Dolly the doll
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titel Dolly the doll
artiest Babe
tekstschijver/componist P. Koelewijn

Yes, this is the story of a queen without a crown
She showed me love can win, the greatest show in town

She was twenty-one in twenty six
The cabaret-queen of paris
The leading lady of the moulin rouge chicks
Her legs were four feet tall
A real knock-out of the night-life scene
With lips as red as cherries
My great-grandma, do you see what I mean
And her name was dolly the doll

She´s got it, she´s got it
We just can dream about it
She´s got it, she´s got it
Oh yes, she got it all
She´s got it, she´s got, it
We just can speak about it
She´s got it, she´s got it
Amazing dolly the doll

Do, do, do, do, do, dolly (3x)
The talk of the champs elysee

The ballroom-blitz of twenty-six
She had a year of sold-out gigs
And everybody got his kicks
Of do, do, do, dolly the doll

Absolutely sensational
She was a smash, she new it well
And everyone was under the spell
Of do, do, dolly the doll



So many man were waiting, before the greenroom door
With arms full of roses, for the girl they all adored

Then suddenly she disappeared
The cabaret-queen of paris
That was the night that he appeared
Fair haired and six feet tall
She was on fire when he kissed
Her lips as red as cherries
And great grand-papa could not resist
The charms of dolly the doll


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