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Knock on my door
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titel Knock on my door
artiest Bonnie st.Claire and Unit Gloria
tekstschijver/componist P. Koelewijn
Monday morning 8 o´ clock, you kiss me tenderly
´cause you are leaving me, it has to be

You start the car, wave your hand and then you disappear
And five long, lonely days, I´m waiting for you here

But I´m living for one day baby
Saturday, then you´re coming home
Yes, I´m living for one day baby

And then, you´ll knock, knock, knock on my door
Not one, two, three times baby
Then you´ll knock, knock on my door
When they knock 1 time
Oh no, that is milkman jacks, with the butter and eggs
When they knock 2 times
That´s grocer lee, with coffee and tea
When they knock 3 times
That´s sister sue, wearing something new
But when I hear 4 times
Baby, yeah it ´s you

Then you knock, knock on my door
Not 1, 2, 3, times baby
Then you knock,knock on my door
4 times that´s all you have to do
And then I know baby, that´s you

Tuesdaymorning, I´m wondering, where will he be
Does he think of me, naturally

The next two days, always are the longest I know
The hours on friday, never went so slow


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